s.a celebrities make video on human trafficking

This is a great video from South African celebraties on human trafficking. We particularly like the fact that it moves from being funny to being serious as the celebrities realise the gravity of human trafficking. The video is great as it highlights limited knowledge of the problem of human trafficking. Its also great that South African celebrities made time for the PSA with the football world cup drawing near. Great video!


human trafficking stats video

So, in the Lost Generation post we did a couple of days ago, we lamented the fact that there just arent that many great anti trafficking campaign videos online. Well, we are afraid we will have to eat humble pie for a while ­čÖé . One of our facebook fans (actually, we like to call them modern day abolitionists), Jan Hutchinson, posted a link to an A21 Campaign video and its ‘exactly what the ┬áDoctor ordered’ . The videos are really high quality and tell a great anti trafficking story. Will be linking/embedding the videos over the next couple of weeks on this blog. ┬áHere is one on trafficking in persons statistics. Kudos to the A21 Campaign:

Lost Generation

We have not been doing any video blogs of late on this blog. This is largely because of the fact that the anti human trafficking videos that you find online are not as unique as we think they should. The onus is therefore on SAAHTT do develop really cool videos that appeal to a wider cross section of people and succinctly convey the message of the scourge of human trafficking. And here we are not talking of gruesome videos but videos and presos like the ones we have posted here and here. Well, we have found one such ‘cool and unique’ (thats the best we can think of in terms of describing these types of videos) video on youtube. This is not a trafficking in persons video. Without pre-emptying the video content-it basically innovatively challenges the today’s generation to do something worthwhile. And while there is no specific reference to combating human trafficking. It remains relevant and poignant nonetheless. Credit goes to the person who created this.PS: You have to watch it past the half-mark to get it.