About Us

The Southern African Anti Human Trafficking Trust (SAAHTT), was established and registered in 2009. Its focus is to prevent and combat trafficking in persons in Southern Africa. In this regard, SAAHTT focuses on initiation of human trafficking research, interpretation of and advocacy for prevention of human trafficking as contained and provided for in various regional and international instruments.


Our vision is to see a Southern African society free from all forms of Trafficking in Persons

Mission Statement

To facilitate the development of a Southern African society free from all forms of trafficking in persons. This will be achieved by availing technical support and expertise in building awareness and capacity to deal with the ever increasing challenge of human trafficking in the region.


In order to fulfil the above mission, SAAHTT is guided by the following objectives:

 To locate the human trafficking discourse into national, regional and international development agenda

 To advocate and lobby for a SADC protocol on Human Trafficking

 To advocate for and lobby Southern African Countries to domesticate relevant human trafficking regional and international instruments once they have ratified any such instruments

 To train law enforcement and public officials in human trafficking

 To advocate for ratification of/accession to relevant human rights instruments

 To network at national, regional and international levels with other organisations on human trafficking, migration and human rights,

 To carry out advocacy and information dissemination on human trafficking, migration and human rights

 To maintain and develop a human trafficking, migration and human rights resource centre.


Any organisation is sustainable on the basis of the values it subscribes. This is more so in an organisation working in human rights issue such as  human trafficking. SAAHHT’s core values include:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Humility
  • Diversity

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