Get more human trafficking news: set up a google alert!

Google is really a great web tool. Not just in terms of search but they have had great innovations coming through gmail. If you want to have the latest information on a certain topic you just go to google alerts and type in the search item you want, for example, ‘human trafficking in southern africa’; thereafter you set whether you want a comprehensive/news/blog/video/groups alert for your search time. You then finally set the your prefered frequency in terms of receiving the updates, for example, once a day/ once a week/ as it happens (saahtt’s prefered choice) and its done. You can have up to 1000  different alerts per email address. Just another way to keep you up to date on all things human trafficking without having to enter a google search query or scouring through websites for information! If you did not understand this explanation there is a step by step guide here.


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