why we think 1000 fans on our facebook page is worth a Shout!

A key cornerstone of successful advocacy efforts is awareness raising and public education. This also applies to anti-trafficking efforts. People are more likely to act when they have information. Get the information out into public domain and engage as many people as possible into conversations on human trafficking in southern Africa and you will start to get traction in terms of anti-trafficking actions. This is not to advocate for the crazy strategy of throwing stuff at a wall and hoping some sticks. No. But a concerted effort to build an online and offline community and engage that same community on what trafficking is, its manifestations, the causes; and more importantly what each individual can do to stop human trafficking…..is a strategy that we believe symbolises a giant step in anti trafficking efforts. We believe in the power of ONE. When the facebook page and blog went up; indeed, when we set up SAAHTT as an organisation, our goal was, and still is, to abolish modern slavery in southern Africa. But we remained alive to the fact that if our efforts resulted in saving a young girl from commercial sexual exploitation or two boys from forced labour, we would achieved a great deal. Now, if anti-trafficking fans on the SAAHTT page were to tell at least 50 people each, in their friendship network, about human trafficking, that easily translates to 50 000 people getting knowledgeable about this heinous crime. If the fans could tell at least 100 people each, that translates to a 100 000 people armed with knowledge about human trafficking and therefore capable of noticing it and more importantly capable of taking action about it. The questions we grapple with at SAAHTT are ‘how to we actually get people talking about human trafficking or modern day slavery?’  and ‘ how do we get people to take action against trafficking’. We aim to tool modern day abolitionists with information and resources about trafficking. We aim to provide data about human trafficking and engage people in conversations on the issue.  Hitting the 1000 fan mark has spurred us on and given us a reason to celebrate. W00000TTTTT!!!!! Thanks for supporting a great cause. Tell someone about human trafficking.

SAAHTT facebook page

Update: We are now on 1006 fans  🙂


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