SAAHTT’s social media plans for 2010

SAAHHT re-opened its offices today after closing during the festive season. Like everyone else, we at SAAHTT are quite pumped up and re-energised and will make 2010 a productive and memorable year in terms of advancing towards the goal of ending modern day slavery in Southern Africa. Despite the fact that SAAHTT began operations towards the end of 2009, we still managed to generate a lot of interest on the subject of human trafficking particularly within the southern African region. This interest is evidenced by the continued visits to and active consumption of content on this blog. There have currently been 249 blog visits from random google and other search engine searches. More importantly, our facebook page has also directed significant traffic to the blog. Our facebook fanpage has grown from 0 fans to 96 fans in just over 60 days. What is perhaps interesting about this growth is the fact that it has been organic.

In 2010, SAAHTT will endeavor to generate more original content on human trafficking in southern Africa. This does not mean that there will be less aggregation of human trafficking content from the region and across the world as has been more or less the norm on this blog. Instead the organisation will seek to strike a balance between generating more original content with regards to human trafficking in southern Africa and aggregating interesting content from other sites and blogs on the issue. This should see an increase in posts and generally more content on human trafficking with a view to increase awareness.

In addition, SAAHTT also plans to engage with people who visit the blog and the facebook page. This engagement will be spurred on by creating discussion forums and topics. It will also be enhanced by actively asking stakeholders to subscribe to the blog for constant updates and to post comments on content. In addition, SAAHTT will also look at how Twitter and other tools can be harnessed to increase awareness on human trafficking in Southern Africa online.  Some  may have reservations on the wisdom of pursuing  a social media model for raising awareness on human trafficking in southern Africa. However, engaging stakeholders online is just but one strategy SAAHTT will use to raise awareness. In addition, there is evidence of growing internet penetration in southern Africa particularly among the youth who are increasingly vulnerable to trafficking. The need to engage an increasingly online global audience buttresses the need to enhance our online profile.

So 2010 looks to be very exciting and we hope you will find this blog and other new media tools we use to be exciting and rich in new information and knowledge.


4 thoughts on “SAAHTT’s social media plans for 2010

  1. Thanks for your work!

    In 2008, while doing research and writing a white paper on prevention of sex trafficking surrounding international sporting events, I was looking for an organisation like yours in South Africa- someone to partner with and bounce ideas off of concerning the upcoming World Cup.

    I hope South Africa has not done too little, too late for these games, but there is still time!

    • Thanks Jennie. We all fear that there has been too little done to gird S.A to fully deal with trafficking during the World Cup. There is a realisation within the country’s (S.A) body politic of the potential upsurge in trafficking during the World Cup. However, this has largely remained rhetoric. There hasnt been evidence of immigration and other law enforcement agents being fully trained. There hasnt been enough movement with regards to anti-trafficking legislation and enough has not been done to raise awareness. So our fears are real but like you said there is still a bit of time.

  2. Your work is very thoughtful and encouraging, we need to see an end to this very brutal slavery we are witnessing in this life time. When we all thought slavery had left us many are still uneducated by the new wave of slavery that has hit us in Africa with particular focus to Southern Africa.

    We hear little about it through our media and i know through aggressive media awareness and partnerships with SAAHTT, we can FIGHT this thing!

    Lets save life, imagine your loved ones having to be sold and used for sex and others benefit, such evil.

    • Nico,

      Thanks for supporting and seeing value in our work. Its always heartening. Think the challenge is the need to continuously push human trafficking issues to the fore of people’s consciousness as it is so hidden. hence the need to go on all fronts in terms of awareness raising-the use of social media, basically, all print and electronic media. We will be looking into developing partnerships to that effect in the future.

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