U.S couple charged with trafficking Swaziland woman

In interactions with various people on the subject of human trafficking, one question that has always been posed is-‘is there really human traffikcing in Zimbabwe or in SADC?’ SAAHTT has endeavored to provide evidence of this phenomenon in SADC by linking stories of human trafficking survivors and cases of human trafficking syndicates being busted. We have particularly shared most of these links on our SAAHTT Facebook Page. There is still a lot of skepticism on the occurence of human trafficking across the world and SADC is no different. this is in part due to a dearth of research and statistics on human trafficking. In SADC there are only very few researches that have been conducted on human trafficking most notably by the Salvation Army, Molo Songololo and the International Organisation for Migration.

Denialism, however, does not mean that human trafficking is not occuring or that it will magically go away. The problem will persist as it is by nature very undercover and off the radar. If communities, civil society and governments are not willing to band together to peel under the surface and stop the scourge then it will regrettably most likely continue to cut right at the heart of our societies. It is often very heartening to see when traffickers are caught and brought to book; when a piece of intelligent investigative reporting peels under the surface to expose human trafficking and when trafficking victims are freed and reintegrated into society.

A case in point is the charging of Ellenwood clergy on account of human trafficking. Juna Babb and her minister husband Michael Babb were arrested and charged on Wednesday. It is alleged that the couple enticed a woman from Swaziland to come to the United States of America on the back of a promise to her that she would provide lucrative catering services at a family member’s wedding. Upon arrival the couple confiscated the woman’s passport and return ticket and forced her to work as a house-keeper and nanny threatening her with arrest and imprisonment. The lady was also forced to clean houses of Babb’s friends and associates and assist in his construction business. Read more of this story.


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