Are fears of a surge in Human Trafficking During the 2010 World Cup Translating into Practical Actions to Combat It?

human trafficking

the sad face of human trafficking

In the last couple of posts it seems there is so much growing concern on the potential spike in human trafficking cases in Southern Africa during the 2010 Word Cup Finals to be held in South Africa. It is quite commendable that the relevant authorities, such as the South African Home Affairs Ministry, realise that human trafficking is there in Southern Africa and that there is the potential for a regrettable increase in trafficking cases due to high migratory flows in and out of Southern Africa and particularly South Africa during the World Cup.

However, what is of concern to abolitionists and anti-trafficking activists is whether or not these fears of this concern will translate into meaningful action to combat incidences of trafficking. Are SADC countries taking the necessary steps to raise awareness in vulnerable communities? Is there a budget that has been set aside for anti-traffikcing training of law enforcement agencies, immigration and customs officials? Has there been any planning in terms of setting goals relating to targeted government officials to be trained etc? Are governments doing enough to support civil society actions directed combating human trafficking, for example, the Red Light Campaign?

These are the issues that traffickers will look at. These are the issues that ultimately determine whether or not South Africa and other SADC countries will be able to host a World Cup that is free from modern day slavery.


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